Booking systems & interfaces for the tourist industry

znt Travel has set up a product line to connect the different interfaces of the systems available in the tourist industry. The base of our products is a self developed dynamic Gateway Frame with own logic. With this Gateway Frame individual solutions can be developed within a short time at low costs.

A Gateway with logic stands above all znt Travel products.

Dynamic Gateway Frame

Intelligent platform-technology provides the basis. This new technology connects the Gateway Frame with different interface definitions (XML, STADIS®, etc.) which produces an open communication platform to all established touristic systems.

DynaGate® The Gate to TOMA®, Amadeus & Co.

DynaPack® the Original Dynamic Packaging®; Generates trips consisting of several touristic services. Dynamic Packaging®.

The znt Travel development tool offers the possibility to provide individual solutions in short term. Many well-known tour operators and suppliers trust in our competence and expert knowledge since many years. Due to the wide experience with our customers we are convinced that we will exceed all your expectations. Here you find some of our reference customers.