Opcenter Execution (formerly known as Camstar Enterprise Platform) by Siemens Digital Industries Software

The global platform of Production and Quality Management

Opcenter Execution Core (formerly known as Camstar Enterprise Platform) by SIEMENS Digital Industries Software is a universal useable Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It opens to the manufacturer a whole new variety of opportunities in regards to innovation, adjustment and even success. ‘Opcenter Execution Semiconductor' (formerly known as Camstar Semiconductor Suite) and ‘Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics' (formerly known as Camstar Medical Device Suite) are part of the MOM Portfolio’s by SIEMENS Digital Industries Software.

They offer the manufacturer the possibility to produce in less time more transparent, better, faster and, to top it off, even more cost efficient. The software presents itself as highly configurational and scalable as a central management and monitoring tool as well as with its ‘out of the box’ functionality.

The innovative software solution of Opcenter Execution Core allows a significant increase of product quality during the manufacturing process. This takes place within the complete product life-cycle. Beginning at the design through to planning, supply management, quality management, stretching to production and even to customer service. Within the frame of this closed loop control system products are easier designed and the adjoin production processes are structured leaner and more effective.

znt-Richter is in close cooperation with SIEMENS Digital Industries Software in the area of Manufacturing Operations Management especially when it comes to analysis, implementation, maintenance and support of Opcenter Execution Core in Europe and South East Asia.

On the basis of Opcenter Execution Core configurations typical for industrial use were developed like Opcenter Execution Semiconductor (formerly known as Camstar Semiconductor Suite) and Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics (formerly known as Camstar Medical Device Suite), which efficiently portray all the needed requirements in industrial manufacturing.

Opcenter Execution Semiconductor (formerly known as Camstar Semiconductor Suite)

Opcenter Execution Semiconductor is a for the branch typical configuration of Opcenter Execution Core. This Platform replaces systematically outdated manufacturing systems and isolated solutions, which are no longer able to keep pace with the demanding and constantly changing requirements of the Semiconductor production. >>> [more]

Opcenter Execution Semiconductor is designed especially for the front-end -, back-end - and test production cycle. It offers extensive and on the spot usable functions, which are typical for the branch, a high level of configurability and an exhaustive interoperability with other business systems. Owned to the availability of information in real time, test results, yield and even statistic quality controls are quality and productivity increased during the manufacturing process.

Features at a glance:

  • Complete traceability
  • Transparency of WPI and its control
  • Service management
  • Statistical process control
  • Graphical resource layout
  • Change management in production processes
  • Enforcement of manufacturing quality
  • Extensive workflow management
  • Facility and tool tracing
  • Non-compliance management
  • Incident management
  • User certification and training
  • Fast and simple interaction with the user
  • Amendable without programming
  • Business intelligence for production
  • Enterprise-wide interoperability between business processes
  • Process automation control

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Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics (formerly known as Camstar Medical Device Suite)

A MES system specially designed for the needs of the medical device industry is Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics (formerly known as Camstar Medical Device Suite). It handles branch specific challenges such as traceability (eDHCR – electronic Device History Record), transparency, adherence to regulatory stipulations and the striving for a paperless production. >>> [more]

The process of a closed quality control loop for the production process is characterized by seven points:

  • Early warnings and notifications
  • Intelligent root cause analysis
  • Risk based management
  • Parallel running processes and product development
  • Enforcement of action
  • Assurance of efficiency of correction measures
  • Global transparency and coordination

This approach provides a framework for constructive collaboration in design, planning, supplier management, quality management, manufacturing and customer service, which accelerates continuous improvement and continuous innovation and simultaneously optimizes the product quality.

Application Area:

Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics has already been used with great success by various manufacturers of medical technology products and diagnostic devices in areas such as diagnostics, cardiovascular medicine, hospital and wound care, diabetes, renal disease, blood, ophthalmology and tomography.

The comprehensive industry-specific functionality as well as the extremely high flexibility and eas-of-use of this solution, coupled with the industrial expertise of the Camstar's global service team and znt-Richter, enables a successful implementation in a wide range of production environments:

  • For highly complex products with hierarchical parts lists and with a large number of configuration possibilities for the production equipment and instruments, the transparency with regard to traceability (up- and downward) is extremely important. Opcenter EX Medical ensures that the correct configuration is selected (the right components, the accurate tests, the correct software downloads, etc.), and also offers easy evaluation of components., tests and more.
  • For companies that use valuable and expensive equipment for their manufacturing process offers Opcenter EX Medical functionalities to analyze plant efficiency (OEE) and plant utilization.
  • For operator-dependent processes, enforcing certain operations is extremely important. Opcenter EX Medical provides detailed use and operator metrics to better understand various influences in the manufacturing process: training efficacy, error rate of manual operations, or time lapse to achieve desired quality. These detailed metrics can be called up immediately without additional effort, because the data necessary for the analysis has already been recorded in the system.


The configurability, scalability, the intuitive handling, the built in compliance and the tested implementation model from Opcenter EX Medical leads to extraordinary and real-measurable results for our customers in the field of manufacturing medical technology products and diagnostic devices.

For further information regarding Opcenter Execution Medical Device & Diagnostics (formerly known as Camstar Medical Device Suite) click here.

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