We successfully digitalize, optimize and automate IT processes of different industries worldwide. 





Digitalization is in our DNA

The znt-Richter group supports the digital transformation of companies worldwide by providing customized IT solutions. Based on our core competence of connecting systems and integrating solutions in various industries we are a longtime digitalization partner for many well-known and market leading companies.

Smart Manufacturing, Smart Factory or Closed Loop Manufacturing solutions are just as much part of our solutions portfolio as are booking systems and interfaces for the tourism industry as well as individual solutions for globally operating authorities. We successfully digitize, optimize and automate IT processes for all customers  - in time | in budget | in quality

znt-Richter group

The following figures demonstrate our ZNT success story since 1985. Together with our customers, we have big plans for the future!

220+ employees
8 sites
100+ MES projects worldwide
34 bookable tour operators

Our digitalization solutions

MES - Opcenter Execution

A modern MES system provides a future-proof platform to digitalize and integrate all solutions and processes. As part of smart manufacturing, the MES seamlessly integrates relevant manufacturing data from PLM, MOM and APS. It thus, creates the prerequisite for paperless production and production models such as digital twin, digital thread or closed loop Manufacturing.

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Equipment Integration - PAC

The PAC (Process Automation Controller) solution developed by ZNT is a powerful, open platform for equipment integration and automation needs in the manufacturing industry. Using a specialized integration logic, PAC achieves standardization of information from the equipment level for a transfer to higher-level systems at the MOM level. This decoupling of the MES from direct communication with the equipment level and individual machines significantly facilitates the implementation of end-to-end digitalized production control.

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Travel & Tourism

The znt-Travel solutions portfolio ensures seamless interfaces between the various tourism booking systems available on the market. The DynaGate product suite enables the connection of a tour operator system to a reservation system. With DynaPack, touristic individual services from different providers can be combined as an overall travel package.

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