RMS - centrally manage and provide production recipes

Our lightweight, web-based Recipe Management System (RMS) for your recipe management

RMS - Recipe Management System

Centrally manage and maintain production recipes and make them available to the production

The RMS (Recipe Management System) developed by ZNT is a lightweight, web-based recipe management system that provides a standardized method for managing and maintaining production recipes. It fits seamlessly into the functionalities of the MES solutions we implement and offers flexible integration with PAC, our powerful, open and user-friendly platform for shope floor integration and equipment automation.

Our RMS solution is particularly suitable for the semiconductor industry, where complex, manufacturer-specific production recipes are used. These often need to be downloaded to several hundred equipments of the same machine manufacturer within a factory in a reliable way.

Benefits of our RMS solution

Our RMS enables efficient management of production recipes and ensures their correct application.


Central administration and deployment Central tool for managing recipes and downloading them to all machines instead of manual adjustment at each individual equipment
Ensure quality, avoid errors Validation of recipes to ensure that only approved recipes are used and that no unauthorized recipe adjustments are made to individual equipments
Gain traceability of recipe usage Traceability of revisions and changes to recipes, such as additions or deletions of parameters

RMS as part of an integrated smart manufacturing solution

Like the MES, our RMS works at the MOM level and has a web-based user interface that allows users to access it via a local account or an Active Directory. All data, including the recipe bodies, is stored centrally in a database. Integration with third-party systems is possible. Communication with the manufacturing machines is handled via a system integration platform such as our PAC.

Infrastructure RMS-2

MES optimizes processes in semiconductor manufacturing

Our modern Manufacturing Execution System (MES) offers customized functions for the semiconductor industry and supports standardized as well as flexible production processes to reduce costs while increasing throughput and quality.

Modern web-based user interface

All production recipes are managed efficiently via a consistent and modern web-based user interface. Users benefit from intelligent functions such as automatic version control, the creation of revisions and the provision of templates with predefined recipe parameters in their daily work.



Do you know PAC - our market-leading equipment integration platform?

MES and equipment integration from a single source. Integrate and automate your system levels and production processes with our market-leading integration platform PAC.

Core functions of our RMS

Efficient recipe management for your production

Recipe management

Central database for recipe bodies and recipe parameters, templates and clear assignment of recipes to equipments

Upload & Download of recipes Provide production recipes locally or remotely to the equipment and upload new recipes from the equipment  
Release process

Mapping of a release process to control the life cycle of production recipes

Recipe validation

Recipe bodies and recipe parameters can be validated using various methods, for example to ensure that the correct recipe is set on the equipment

Golden recipe

Ensure that recipe changes become active and become a 'Golden Recipe', which is valid for all subsequent production runs

Security & user-administration

Creation of local users or connection to an Active Directory for authentication and role-based access rights

Traceability Reports on the traceability of recipe changes, approvals and users involved  
Integration with equipment Seamless integration with production equipment via interface-specific standard calls using an equipment integration platform (e.g. PAC)  
Webbased UI Access to all functionalities via a web-based user interface with intelligent user support  

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