SECS Equipment Driver

Add SEMI standard-compliant SECS interfaces with minimal effort to your equipment

SECS Equipment Driver (zSecsEqDriver)

Easy way to add SEMI standard compliant SECS interfaces

The SECS Equipment Driver (zSecsEqDriver) developed by znt-Richter extends your equipment with a SEMI standard-compliant SECS interface. You can integrate existing or new equipment - step by step if required - into existing system environments with little investment. 

The driver is completely Java-based and can be used platform-independently. It also offers a native Windows, Java or PLC library API. The device software communicates with the driver via one of the APIs. Other API requirements can be implemented on request.

Application scenarios SECS Equipment Driver

Scenario 1: equipment software available

In case of an existing equipment software, the SECS Equipment Driver extends it by a SECS interface for a communication via COM.dll or Java-API, for example.

Der SECS Equipment Driver (zSecsEqDriver) erweitert Equipments um eine SEMI-Standard-konforme SECS-Schnittstelle.

Scenario 2: no equipment software available

If no equipment software is available, the SECS Equipment Driver provides specific PLC libraries for a provision of SECS interfaces directly via the equipment PLC.

SECS Equipment PLC-1


Benefits of the SECS Equipment Driver

Add SEMI standard compliant SECS interfaces for your equipment with little effort.

Enablement Approach ZNT experts support your integration and implementation  
Customized Trainings Expert training for SEMI Standards and driver integration  
Compliant to SEMI-Standard SEMI-Standard compliant integration scenarios  
Easy-to-use API design

User friendly design of SECS-API’s

Test Support Test support for integration scenarios  

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