IT solutions with individual software for authorities, institutions and organizations

Individual Software & Authorities

We are partner for digitalization of various institutions and organisations for more than 30 years

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Our expertise: Institutions, organisations and authorities

Digitalization specialists for a wide range of requirements

You have special requirements and need an IT solution that digitally represents and supports your individual processes?
With our cross-industry process knowledge, we have been creating and implementing customized solutions from concept to rollout and support based on future-proof architectures and technologies for over 30 years.

Customized and digitalized

Enterprise Applications based on Java or Microsoft

Our experts will gladly support you in selecting the right technology for your application:

  • Client as Web applications, Thin or Smart Client

  • Mobile Clients for various end devices

  • SQL or NoSQL databases

  • Highly available and scalable, under consideration of your security requirements

Leading expertise in Central Europe

Gupta Team Developer

For Rapid Application Development of small to medium Windows Client-Server database applications, the Gupta Team Developer from OpenText™ is a very efficient tool. We have our own class library "DataGroups" for the Gupta Team Developer, which increases the efficiency of the development even more. The frontend application developed with OpenText™ Gupta Team Developer can be run with the relational database systems of the leading manufacturers as a backend, such as Microsoft SQL Server, or with the OpenText™ Gupta SQLBase database. The Gupta SQLBase database has its strengths in the very low-maintenance operation and can be easily embedded in business applications.

Understand the requirements of public authorities and implement suitable solutions

Digitalization of public authorities

Well-known organisations such as federal and state ministries, the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief, the International Committee of the Red Cross and many others trust the znt-Richter Group as a digitalization partner for years, for example in the following areas:

  • Application integration in administrative areas

  • Support and reproduction of workflows

  • Individual solutions based on modern architectures

  • Introduction and integration of document management systems

  • Setup of Inter-/Intranet portals

  • Administration and support of applications, networks and database systems