Digitalization strategies and manufacturing solutions for electronics manufacturing

Electronics Manufacturing

Holistic digitalization strategies and manufacturing solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Digitalization of electronics manufacturing for Closed Loop Manufacturing

Successful Smart Manufacturing in electronics production

For years the electronics manufacturing industry has been among those with strongly growing requirements and turnover figures. In a global, dynamic market environment a fast offer preparation (BOM), an efficient New Product Introduction (NPI) and an effective manufacturing process starting from batch size 1 and are crucial for competitiveness. Increasingly complex supply chains, the rising number of product variants, ongoing price pressure and growing regulatory and quality requirements across the entire production process are increasing the pressure to prepare the production for Smart Manufacturing and digitalization in compliance with Industry 4.0 concepts.

The challenge for OEM's, contract manufacturers (EMS) or PCB manufacturers is to optimize their own processes in the short term, to integrate existing system solutions and manufacturing cells and at the same time to prepare for a dynamic competitive environment in the long term. This is supported by modern solution platforms integrating all processes from design to engineering, planning and production to analytics through a Digital Thread. Based on this future-proof solution architecture, digitalized production methods such as Digital Twins and Closed Loop Manufacturing can be implemented.

We support customers in electronics manufacturing worldwide for more than 25 years to digitalize, optimize and automate manufacturing processes. Our project and implementation approach is based on holistic digitalization strategies and industry-specific solutions for electronics manufacturing for BOM, Process Engineering, APS and MES.

MES solution for electronics manufacturing

MES solution for electronics manufacturing

How to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing with increased process security and reactivity!

Take digitalization as an opportunity

Trends and challenges in electronics manufacturing

Current trends and challenges offer electronics manufacturers a great opportunity to defend and strengthen their own market position or to expand the market leadership through a holistic digitalization strategy.

Faster offer preparation
  • Quick and easy checking of prices and availabilities

  • Intelligent search/comparison functions with ERP/CAD/MES

  • Direct connection to distributor databases

Product variant diversity
  • Individualized mass production of complex products

  • Cost and efficiency pressures from design to production

  • Flexibilization of production

Faster product innovation
  • Rapid market launch (NPI)

  • End-to-end digitalized processes minimize errors and increase quality

  • Digital Thread: ERP > Engineering >MES >Equipment

Increased productivity
  • Transparent, intelligent manufacturing planning and control

  • Faster changeover of manufacturing lines

  • Real-time quality control of the entire manufacturing process

Digital Twin
  • Digital Twin of the product

  • Digital Twin of production

  • Digital Enterprise

    = ERP + PLM + MES

Closed Loop Manufacturing
  • Continuous, bi-directional real-time data exchange between development, planning and production

  • Digital Thread to continually optimize production

Increased efficiency with increased process reliability and responsiveness with MES solution in electronics manufacturing

MES solution for electronics manufacturing

How to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing with increased process reliability and reactivity!