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Dynamic market requirements call for further digitalization in semiconductor and solar manufacturing

Smart Factory for semiconductor and solar manufacturing

The semiconductor and solar industry has been taking on a leading role for many years in the digitalization and automation of manufacturing processes in the area of Smart Factory. At the same time, there is no other industry in which development is progressing at such a pace, which leads to new challenges in manufacturing.

Challenges in semiconductor manufacturing

Simultaneously with the dynamically growing total demand for semiconductors, for example for IoT applications or the transformation of the automotive industry, the product variety is growing. The launch of new products (New Product Introduction, NPI) is taking place in shorter cycles and creates additional challenges for the planning and control of production. In addition, increasing global and interconnected manufacturing networks require cross-location data flows, end-to-end traceability and supply chain control.

Smart Factory solution platforms increase quality and profitability

An answer to these dynamic challenges is offered by modern, integrated and industry-specific Smart Factory solution platforms. They create the preconditions for methods such as Digital Twin and Closed Loop Manufacturing and increase responsiveness in all manufacturing areas. The launch of new products can be precisely planned, orchestrated and supply chains can be better controlled. As such a digitalized and automated Smart Factory increases quality and profitability in semiconductor and solar manufacturing.

Pioneer in the field of Smart Factory

Since more than 30 years znt-Richter is one of the pioneers in the field of Manufacturing IT solutions for the semiconductor industry. Our specialists in MES and equipment automation are recognized throughout the industry with over a thousand years of accumulated experience. In the field of Smart Factory, we have integrated over 600 machine types and connected more than 20.000 machines for customers worldwide. In doing so, we have supported all levels of automation - from pure data collection to lights-out factory - as well as various automation scenarios. With initiatives such as Industry 4.0, our expertise in manufacturing IT and equipment integration has been incorporated into the implementation of industry standards.

MES solution for semiconductor and solar manufacturing

Modern Manufacturing Execution System supports more flexible production processes, faster NPI and automation scenarios

Smart Factory strengthens the market position of semiconductor manufacturers

Trends and challenges in semiconductor and solar manufacturing

Current trends and challenges offer a great opportunity to defend and strengthen the market position or to expand the market leadership through a holistic digitalization strategy.

Product variety
  • Management of products and product changes

  • Frequent consideration of new products or variants

  • WIP and material management

Complex manufacturing network
  • Global, interconnected manufacturing and supply chains

  • Management of frontend / backend operations

  • Continuous traceability

New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Seamless planning of NPI into existing manufacturing

  • Parallel processing of batch production and NPI

  • Shorter time to market

Equipment Automation
  • Complete shopfloor integration

  • Realization of different automation scenarios

  • Realization of different automation levels

Complex system integration
  • Integration of old and new manufacturing systems

  • Integration of manufacturing lines

  • Integration of different locations

Closed Loop Manufacturing
  • Continuous, bi-directional real-time data exchange between development, planning and production

  • Digital Thread to optimize production continuously


Our Smart Factory solutions for semiconductor and solar manufacturing

More than 100 successful customer projects worldwide prove impressively the performance of our products as well as the experience of our project and service teams in the field of Smart Factory for semiconductor and solar manufacturing.

Equipment integration for cross-system communication

With PAC, our powerful and open platform, we integrate and automate your equipment in the diversified IT landscape