IIoT | Analytics - Big Data becomes Smart Data!

IIoT | Analytics

Big Data becomes Smart Data!
How to use data of your entire manufacturing landscape to your strategic advantage

IIoT | Analytics Solutions for integrated, intelligent and flexible manufacturing

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is a key technology of Industry 4.0 and describes IoT technologies that are increasingly used in industrial manufacturing environments. As a digitalization partner, we have already been sucessfully implementing many of today's IIoT concepts jointly with our customers for many years.

An essential part of the IIoT is the collection of data from all machines, sensors, etc. in production. The aim is to intelligently use this data and provide it to all relevant systems. A modern analytics solution processes this data and makes it available in a targeted manner as the basis for a continuous increase in efficiency and productivity in manufacturing. Furthermore, the data can be used for predictive planning of maintenance.

What does the future of Smart Manufacturing look like?

As an experienced digitalization partner, we support customers in the implementation of IIoT concepts, for example for advanced production methods such as a Digital Twin of Production.

Digital Twin of

Virtual representation of manufacturing for an efficient analysis, consideration of scenarios or even optimization

Data collection of the entire manufacturing process

Integration of any machines, sensors, etc., with support for various communication protocols

Smart Data

Useful preparation of data for smart decisions and proactive action

Intelligent manufacturing control

Manufacturing automation at the most possible extent, which adapts to current conditions in real time

Communication between machines

Intelligent interconnection of production for self-regulating systems with minimal necessity for intervention


Sharing of manufacturing data with relevant systems

Transfer of data to all relevant systems at the respectively necessary level of aggregation


Our solutions for a successful application of IIoT | Analytics concepts

  • Shopfloor Integration
  • MES

PAC - the flexible, open shopfloor integration Platform

With the open and flexible equipment integration platform PAC, we enable the connection of all equipment, sensors, etc., their integration into higher-level systems as well as the control and automation of the manufacturing equipment.

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Future-proof Manufacturing Execution System for your Smart Factory

Our MES solutions enable real-time monitoring and control of production. The MES enforces planning and production specifications and provides feedback on the production process. Further, it helps to master the increasing complexity in production, creates more transparency and seamless traceability including quality assurance and it delivers important data about the entire production process.

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trategic approach to holistic digitalization

Our Smart Manufacturing package for you

Strategic approach for the holistic digitalization of your manufacturing processes based on a future-proof integrated solution platform.