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Smart Manufacturing

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Successful Smart Manufacturing in the Smart Factory

Smart Manufacturing describes seamlessly integrated and digitalized manufacturing systems which enable industrial companies to respond more quickly and flexibly to alternating needs in the production, supply network and market, based on cross-departmental real-time information. Beyond that, the Smart Factory relies on interoperable systems, dynamic modelling and simulation, automation as well as interconnected sensors.

Initiatives such as Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) describe the requirements and highlight  implementation concepts. We successfully support companies worldwide since 1985 in the digitalization of their manufacturing processes in terms of paperless manufacturing, system and data integration, shopfloor integration as well as automation. Thus, concepts such as Digital Twin and Closed Loop Manufacturing are familiar to us and help us to demonstrate the advantages of a holistic solution approach.

Based on our long-standing expertise, especially with MES and equipment integration solutions, we have built up a comprehensive service portfolio in the area of Smart Manufacturing and Smart Factory. This Smart Manufacturing package enables customers worldwide to successfully realize holistic and customized digitalization strategies.

Future-proof integrated solution platform, professionally implemented

Our Smart Manufacturing package for you

Our Smart Manufacturing service package combines a market-leading, future-proof solution platform with a proven implementation approach. Thereby, we achieve average process optimizations of 25-85% in the different functional areas for customers worldwide and realize projects in time, in budget, in quality.

Smart Manufacturing Audit

We determine your status quo together with you and create an extensive potential analysis with specific recommendations for action.


Our solutions for your Smart Manufacturing have been listed among the "leaders" in MES in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for years.

Industry modularity

Industry modules for: MES, PLM, Process Preparation, APS, Material Management, shopfloor integration, etc.  

Partner network

For your project success, we collaborate with capable partners such as Siemens, Circuitbyte, avasis or MCP, if required.  

Enablement approach

We enable your technical departments to independently maintain and adapt the solutions in the medium term.

Customer satisfaction

With our well-proven implementation methodology we realize projects in time, in quality, in budget.  

Start of a holistic Smart Manufacturing strategy

Smart Manufacturing Audit

Objective potential analysis of your Smart Manufacturing Status Quo including specific recommendations for action.

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smart manufacturing audit
We are pioneers of Industry 4.0 since 1985

Industry 4.0 transformation process

The key success factor for Industry 4.0 concepts and an effective digital transformation is a future-proof solution platform that integrates functions from PLM, MES and APS to shopfloor integration.

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Graphic, Industry 4.0 transformation process
From Big Data to Smart Data

IIoT | Analytics

An essential component of the IIoT is the acquisition and intelligent use of data. A modern analytics solution prepares this data and provides it purposefully as the basis for a continuous increase in efficiency and productivity in manufacturing.

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IIoT | Analytics | OEE
Realization of automation scenarios and automation levels

Automation of manufacturing

The concept of Industry 4.0 envisions a production that is as automated as possible with minimal manual intervention, which requires the automation and control of all machines by higher-level systems.

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Mapping of automation scenarios and levels
Seamless communication through complete integration

Shopfloor Integration

Seamless shopfloor integration is an essential precondition for the implementation of Industry 4.0 strategies. Many companies worldwide have been using our shopfloor integration platform PAC for many years.

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Shopfloor Integration

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