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Industry 4.0 describes the intelligent connectivity of industrial machines and processes by using information and communication protocols with the goal of flexible, intelligent and optimized production processes. With the emergence of this concept in 2012, our key competence had a new official name. Our long-term experience in Manufacturing IT and equipment integration contributed to the definition of Industry 4.0 standards.

Key factor for a successful digital transformation is a future-proof solution platform that integrates functions from PLM, MES and APS up to shopfloor integration. Since 1985, we have been successfully supporting customers worldwide with tailor-made solutions in the following areas:

  • Digitalization
  • Paperless manufacturing
  • System and data integration
  • Shopfloor Integration
  • Automation
  • MES-System for Industry 4.0
  • Shopfloor Integration in Industry 4.0

MES System as the backbone of Industry 4.0

MES solutions are fundamental for Industry 4.0 processes and strategies. Already since 2010 we distribute and implement a MES (Opcenter Execution, formerly known as Camstar) that meets strategic requirements such as to be future-proof, provide industry-specific functionality, as well as to ensure a seamless integration capability with other key Smart Manufacturing solution components like PLM, APS, Equipment Automation, Quality and Analytics.

The MES fulfills the following key tasks for Industry 4.0 – in real time:

  • Planning and documentation of optimal production processes
  • Monitoring and securing of product quality and process capability
  • Monitoring and securing of material und resource availability

A modern MES enables a successful Digital Twin of Production, Closed Loop Manufacturing (CLM) and Smart Manufacturing.

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Industry 4.0 requires capable integration platforms

Shopfloor integration is an essential requirement for the successful implementation of Industry 4.0 strategies. The complexity of digitalization strategies results from the involvement of the ISA-95 model.

The areas of process control, equipment integration and equipment automation are crucial for any data exchange between the machine layer and the MES. Special shopfloor integration platforms like PAC provide interfaces for a vertical and horizontal integration and offer a solid basis for holistic digitilization strategies including the possibility of an advanced automation of manufacturing processes.

This includes interfaces to machines with different protocols as well as to other systems like material control or IIoT-platforms. Standardization as the OPC UA-protocol simplify equipment integration processes in many industries.

Integration platforms as PAC take up the concept of the industry 4.0 asset administration shells and integrate machines - even if they do not support one of the modern protocols - with special protocol adapters. The integration logic helps to standardize information of the equipment layer for tranferring it to higher level systems like MOM.

This decoupeling of the MES from a direct communication with the equipment layer as well as individual machines simplifies the realiziation of a continuous digitalized manufacturing control a lot. 

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Continuous data integration from MES to the shopfloor

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) serve as the backbone for Industry 4.0 and IIoT scenarios as well as for Smart Manufacturing. The growing requirements in the areas of system, sensor and solution integration, digitalization as well as automation call for the application of an efficient integration platform such as PAC.

Graphics, End-to-end data integration from MES to the Shopfloor
Our complete Smart Manufacturing package for you

Our Smart Manufacturing package for you

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