SIS Management-Board

Communication is the basis for success. For this reason the international corporate implemented the SIS Management Board (Steering in Synergy) to harness the know-how generated in each one of the different locations.

The SIS Management Board stands for overall networking and information exchange. It ensures, that the management, development and production processes are highly functional. The comprehensive financial management control in the background ensures high quality and sustainability for the customers.

This comprehensive management concept is implemented with the entire corporate group. Employees at all locations are integrated in the various projects to ensure maximal proximity to the customer while meeting his demands.

C-level and divisional management are also part of the SIS Boards. Decisions regarding strategy, projects and operations are made here, especially those where various locations are involved. 

Bernhard Marsoner

CEO of znt-Richter corporate group, responsible for strategic orientation of the corporate group and heads the areas of sales, technology and marketing. For him, customer satisfaction and customer orientation are the basis for long-term success.

Sandra Richter, Dipl.-Kffr.

CFO ASIA of the znt-Richter corporate group, responsible for the financial controlling of the Asian companies. Decisionmaker for strategic investment decisions across the entire group of companies.

Prof. Dr. Christian Bartsch

CFO EUROPE of the znt-Richter corporate group, is responsible for the financial controlling and management of the European companies.

Gökhan Küçükçankaya, Dipl.-Inf. (FH)

Managing Director of znt Travel GmbH, is responsible for the direction, management, sales and development of IT solutions for the travel sector.

Eng Chee Goh

Director of the znt Centers for New Technologies Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and Global Head of MES of the znt-Richter corporate group, manages the location Malaysia and is responsible for the entire MES solution portfolio.

Frankie Tan

Director of znt Singapore Pte. Ltd, manages the Singapore location and is responsible for the Operations Management of the Asian companies.

Hans Mayer, Ing.

COO in the area of EAI and authorized signatory of znt Zentren für Neue Technologien GmbH. Manages the operative business in this area and pushes innovation and quality management of the znt-Richter corporate group.

Gerhard Schrottshamer, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

COO in the SEMI area and authorized officer of znt Zentren für Neue Technologien GmbH. Manages the operational business in this area, controls and organizes operational processes at the locations Burghausen, Villach and Dresden.

Hans Nömmer, Dipl.-Inf.

CTO in the SEMI area of znt Zentren für Neue Technologien GmbH and Global Head of Automation. Drives product management across locations and leads the development team. The combination of technical know-how and extensive project experience enables him to respond quickly to changing customer requirements.

Alexander Gadenz, Dipl.-Inf.

CTO in the EAI division of znt Zentren für Neue Technologien GmbH, drives the technological vision of the company. The implementation of customer requirements with new technologies as well as the benefit of the customer are his priorities.


Jürgen Hoffmann, Dipl.-Ing.

CTO of Richter Softwaretechnik GmbH and Head of Travel, is responsible for the company's technological developments. Aim is to develop flexible, high-quality and at the same time economical and near-term solutions based on many years of experience in close cooperation with customers.

Reinhard Bauch, Dipl.-Kfm, Steuerberater, Wirtschaftsprüfer

Consultant of the znt-Richter corporate group, supports the corporate group in all matters of strategic corporate management with an outside point of view.