Shop Floor Integration

Connect your production intelligently. Create consistent communication!

Medical device industry’s requirements for a complete documentation of quality and production data, the increase of individual customer products, batch size 1, requires the elaborate use of data during the entire production process.

Linking machines together is the basis for intelligent systems. They produce the necessary data to recognize optimization potential. The integration and connection of the production environment creates the possibility to be flexible when it comes to market and customer requirements.

Medical device industry production sites are dominated by heterogeneous machine environments. These often have proprietary interfaces and lack standards. Therefore, it must be possible to integrate existing systems and machines easily and cost effectively. Only the smooth integration of all machines into one systematic environment makes flexible and individual production possible.

znt-Richter’s Process Automation Controller (PAC) is a high-performance and open platform that makes vertical and horizontal integration of machines and plants possible. IT serves as a link between the shop-floor level and superior levels like MES or ERP systems (office-floor level).

PAC is assigned to go further than mere operating and machine data collection.

Office- and shop-floor level speak different languages and have a different time behavior. PAC is a buffer. On the one hand, it unburdens the office floor systems of automated processes that are typical for a machine and thereby reduces the functional complexity. On the other hand, it transforms protocols and semantics of all connected interfaces and creates the industry 4.0 which is required for point-to-point communication of all systems. PAC ensures an intelligent distribution of the vast data generated by the shop floor as not every office floor system requires data. It aggregates, sorts and distributes.

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