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Interface driver for machine manufacturers

Not only since the industry 4.0 initiative machine manufacturers offer interfaces for efficient control and data acquisition as an essential added value of their products. Up to now mostly standardized transport protocols are used like Fieldbuses or OPCs. However, the semantic definition of data contents are usually proprietary. This results in a considerable expenditure on the integration of the machines into the MES level.


More and more operators of machines demand flexible ways to integrate interfaces into their MES landscape.

The integration platform PAC from znt-Richter is perfectly suited for this purpose. As an OEM component for machine manufacturers, PAC supports a whole range of interfaces required for integration into various MES environments.

znt-Richter provides you with a complete range of products and services to equip your machines with flexible interfaces. We also offer training, workshops and consulting. This enables you to implement new interfaces even with little effort.


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