Shop-Floor Integration

Much more than MDC

The seamless data integration of all productions systems is a major requirement for the implementation of the Industrie 4.0 concept. According to this concept, all shop-floor systems should communicate with each other independently.

Only very few branches have integrated equipment in an upstream manufacturing execution system (MES) due to extensive costs. Equipment Integration is seldom standardized and therefore requires a high level of investment.

Industrie 4.0 at its best:

All components communicate via the unified administration shell from point to point using standardized interfaces with a joint semantic description of interface content.

In reality we often face a vast number of data transfer protocols – rarely with standardized content. The Industrie 4.0 standards are being drafted.

Now znt-Richter’s shop floor integration platform PAC comes into play.

PAC, the process automation controller is the “information broker” within the heterogeneous interface environment. Many ready-made adapters (external service adapter, ESA) connect the machines’ interfaces with MES-level systems.

znt-Richter has successfully and cost efficiently integrated thousands of our customers machines with the shop-floor integration platform PAC.


MES Integration

Complex equipment integration demands a separate shop-floor integration layer. The requirements are far more elaborate than mere machine data collection (MDC)

Central requirements to the integration layer are: >>> [more]

  • Machine controlled, complex scenarios, e.g. loading recipes or production programs and parameter, validation of material etc.
  • Decoupling of MES and machines regarding communication details, time response, availability and release cycles
  • Recording and preparation of process and quality data


The shop-floor integration platform PAC is part of the MES solutions and pre-integrated in MES products. That way interfaces are available as a standard to integrate MES-level systems (Bindestrich, vgl. Absatz unter der Abbildung) and machine interfaces. The integration platform can also be expanded according to the customer’s demands.

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znt-Richter’s process automation controller PAC is the perfect solution in a heterogeneous interface environment to connect different systems and machines with each other.

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