Production Control (MES)

Increase your quality and productivity

Unlike to other industrial sectors is the adoption of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) in the Semiconductor - and Solar Industry a standard since many years. It is a great challenge to keep continuously running systems on the latest state of technology. However, many legacy systems are no longer up to date. As they do not offer single wafer tracking, a transparency for automation in real time, flexibility, proactive control technology and quality management to name only a few.

You need an experienced partner at your side to be able to find the best fit MES solution matching the high demands and specifications in the Semiconductor and Solar Industry.

In znt-Richter you found just such. Our experience and know how of the business of 30 years will help you to tailor the perfect fit of a MES Solution for you and will get you ready for the future.

We offer solutions based on the following products:

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