Automation Capability Management (ACM)

The analysis of the actual response of automation interfaces of equipment will remain a challenge in spite of all Semi standards.

However, based on our experience of 20 years of equipment integration as well as our methods and tools of analysis we are able to advance you, providing you with the cutting edge in every integration project you may face.

Especially at the backend where the availability of Semi standards confirm interfaces are only partially given will our broad experience in a variety of branches and interface technologies make the difference.

znt-Richter offers ACM either as an independent service or in the case of equipment automation projects as an integral part of our znt-Methodologie.

In the line of ACM a so called Tool Operation Standard (TOS) can be worked out, which portrays the guidelines of all integration interfaces of a single production area.

ACM is the key element for efficient and timely integration projects.

We will be at your side with our Equipment-Integration Platform PAC.




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