Equipment Integration

Requirement for cross-system communication

The high profile shop-floor integration in the semiconductor and solar industry sets a standard for many other industries.

In the semiconductor industry SECS/GEM is most common. This standard only makes point-to-point connections between host and equipment possible and is occupied due to the MES-integration. Given the high cost of the Interface-A it is not always obtainable. Non-standardized interfaces are the only way to use equipment data with other systems such as EES.

znt-Richter’s equipment integration platform PAC offers the perfect solution. PAC is the result of more than two decades of intense development work. It includes all common automation protocols and interfaces: SECS/GEM, XML, Interface A, OPC, DCOM, SOAP, CORBA, Modbus, Message-Bus; SMTP, serial, data- und database interfaces, fieldbus, PLC-interfaces like S7 or Beckhoff.

We do not only offer these standardized interfaces. We are also glad to offer our longtime know how to develop customer specific interface solutions.

Classic application scenarios for Equipment Integration are the connection of equipments to following system:

znt-Richter’s equipment integration platform PAC offers extensive out-of-the-box functions. Thousands of manufacturing sites already have been successfully and cost efficiently integrated with PAC.



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