Connecting Systems

The philosophy of znt Travel GmbH stands for a company with a clear strategy and a strong management team.

Main focus of znt Travel GmbH is the connection of interfaces of the different travel systems available in the market:

A higher flexibility for the price- and product strategy as well as high speed queries and data transfer to external systems is essential for a touristic tour operator. The speed of cross-system communication is the key competition factor.

In the domain of system engineering znt Travel takes over the planning, selection and optimization. The team has diverse experience in the area of automatization of booking processes, STADAF, EDIFACT, Navitaire, OTA,  STADIS®, STEAL®, the installation of roboting systems, CRS/GDS-connections as well as the setting up and optimization of ticketstreets.

Under the management of Gökhan Küçükçankaya, znt Travel GmbH is specialised on the development of unique IT solutions for the touristic market. znt Travel GmbH has developed an
own product line to implement interfaces for the different systems available in the market:




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