Isabell Friedrich 07/26/2023

znt-Richter Honored with Siltronic Supplier Award 2023

znt-Richter Honored with Siltronic Supplier Award 2023 for Outstanding Performance

znt-Richter (ZNT) has been honored with the Siltronic Supplier Award 2023 in recognition of its exceptional performance over the past two years. The award presented by Siltronic, a key customer of ZNT for over three decades, is a testimony to ZNT's commitment to excellence and its vital contributions to Siltronic's success.

The Siltronic Supplier Award is based on Siltronic's Supplier Performance Rating, a comprehensive evaluation of suppliers worldwide. ZNT has been ranked among the top suppliers globally, showcasing its dedication to Total Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Technology, Product Availability, and Service Administration, including Corporate Social Responsibility.

Since the beginning of the partnership with Siltronic, ZNT has consistently delivered outstanding solutions and support across various projects, including the implementation of ZNT’s Process Automation Controller (PAC) platform as the standard for equipment automation within Siltronic factories worldwide. PAC is a powerful, open, and easy-to-use platform for equipment integration and automation in the manufacturing industry to address the aspect of vertical integration according to Industry 4.0 models. With its rich out-of-the-box capabilities, various protocol adapters and easy-to-adapt integration logic for specific automation scenarios, PAC standardizes the exchange of information between equipment and higher-level systems at the MOM level bidirectionally with the ability to buffer and channel data in different aggregation levels. It combines the advantage of distributed data processing on edge level with a central management and monitoring.

"We are very proud to have received the Siltronic Supplier Award 2023, which underscores our strong commitment to providing top-quality software products and solutions and exceptional service to all of our customers," said Bernhard Marsoner, CEO znt-Richter Group. "We highly value our long-term collaboration with Siltronic and remain dedicated to continuing our tradition of excellence."