Step by Step to an integrated production

Much of what we have been doing as a manufacturing IT solution provider for our customers for the past 20 years has been given a new name: Industry 4.0. What Industry 4.0 really means to the individual industries and companies has an incredible range: Reaching from “collecting a few data from production" to completely new business models to even involving customers via Internet.

How does this effect znt-Richter: Pointing out provision of products, solutions and services to our customers in order to use the new concepts best becomes even more prevalent. For our domain manufacturing IT, this translates specifically into: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Shop-Floor Integration.

MES in Industry 4.0

In Industry 4.0 discussion, the question is repeatedly asked whether the MES will still have the same meaning in the future. We believe YES: That is why we work with product partners to provide the solutions to the challenges of Industry 4.0.

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Shop-Floor Integration in Industry 4.0

End-to-end shop-floor integration is an essential prerequisite for implementing the concepts of Industry 4.0. In the Industry 4.0 world, the components should communicate with each other autonomously in order to carry out local tasks.

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Migration Path

Industry 4.0 is not a greenfield development. Rather, existing systems must be further developed along the path shown by the reference architecture model Industry 4.0 (RAMI).

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Future Trends

RAMI clearly shows the goals for shop-floor integration: Moving away from pure transport interfaces, in which only variable values are transferred, which must then be anew interpreted by the interface partners during each integration.

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