Migration Paths

The importance of RAMI for the Manufacturing IT

Industry 4.0 is not a greenfield development. Rather, existing systems must be further developed along the path shown by the reference architecture model Industry 4.0 (RAMI).

The Industry 4.0 platform has set a regulatory framework with RAMI, in which the concepts of Industry 4.0 are further developed.

The following aspects of RAMI are particularly important for the manufacturing IT:

  • Product development, production and application right up to maintenance and disposal will be fully integrated in the future. The left axis of the RAMI cube expresses this as a life cycle integration.
  • The processes within the entire value-added chain will also be more integrated than before (Value Stream).
  • In RAMI, a whole series of standards is to be used. These standards should find their use both to define the internal structure and to communicate the components.
  • Finally, all components, in an Industry 4.0 world, should communicate with each other via a so-called administration shell based on these standards.