Shop Floor Integration in Industry 4.0

End-to-end communication through full integration

End-to-end shop-floor integration is an essential prerequisite for implementing the concepts of Industry 4.0. In the Industry 4.0 world, the components should communicate with each other autonomously in order to carry out local tasks. Man is the conductor who pretends the goals.

Shop floor integration has two aspects from the perspective of the Manufacturing IT:

  • Integration of all machines, systems, sensors, user interfaces, etc. on the shop floor in the central IT systems at the MES level
  • Communication of the systems at the shop floor

The first aspect has to do with subsidiarity. The MES has to ensure that the product is manufactured correctly: the product, the specification, the quantity, the time, the production specifications, etc. As a matter of fact, a lower level layer should handle this matter. This layer is called Shop Floor Integration Layer. The layer relieves the MES of all the details of shop floor control and communication.

The second aspect is the direct communication between the shop floor systems, in order to solve partial tasks in one area cooperatively. The focus here is on the provision of industry-standard interfaces.

The shop floor integration platform PAC is an ideal product for implementing these concepts of Industry 4.0.