MESplus von Miracom

MESplus by Miracom is at its best when meeting with the Semiconductor-frontend and is thus ideally suited for the migration of MES stock solutions.

MESplus offers a professional solution to handle the complex tasks and requirements of your production process based on modern technology. Its functionality reaches from receipt of a purchase order and stretches to the finished product. MESplus is the link between the company's ERP system and its operational production.

The functional spectrum of MESplus supports you at:

  • Reduction of cycle time by controlling, scheduling and optimizing the production process
  • Reduction of failure through preventive maintenance and monitoring of the production process
  • Reduction of production costs by accelerating the production process and elimination of bottlenecks
  • Documentation of manufacturing processes and production parameters (auditability)
  • Improvement of delivery deadlines by means of realtime monitoring on the production stage and optimization