zSPC – Statistical Process Control

Real-time data improves manufacturing quality

Flexible, easily integrated, process-oriented. These are the main features of SPC. From monitoring individual machines to the factory-wide SPC solution. zSPC scaled according to your requirements.

  • Pre-built standard SPC regulations, expandable by users
  • Collect data from a variety of data sources
  • Monitoring of data in real-time, immediate corrective action, by operator or automated
  • Server solution with any number of control cards
  • Flexible user interface
  • Integration into fully automatic process control loops (Advance Process Controlling)
  • Action control directly by the operator
  • Central administration of the control charts, template-based creation of cards

In order to survive on the market, the quality of the products must be right. This shall not be at the expense of the costs. This is why data acquisition is becoming more and more important in real-time, so that the ongoing process can be intervened and the production quality can be monitored promptly.

zSPC is a process-oriented SPC tool for statistical process control.zZSPC collects and aggregates data from different sources, monitors them in real-time, and suggests  corrective actions. The operator only has to confirm these actions. zSPC can also be integrated into fully automated process control loops (Advanced Process Controlling).

Due to its flexible user interface, the tool can be tailored to meet exactly the customers’ requirements. Each user has the important information right in his view. zSPC can be started from any PC.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Higher production quality
  • Reduced production costs
  • Short reaction times
  • Less failures