Prodcution Planning - APS

Due to the high number of product variants, which use the available production capacities to an unequal extent, an exact statement about the actually usable capacities, even within the respective location, is difficult.

In addition, customers generally require a high degree of flexibility in terms of delivery time and in the case of order changes. This results in ever shorter product life cycles, increased product diversity, strongly increasing investment volumes and complicated coordination procedures between central planning and the world-wide production sites.

Manufacturers are also faced with a great challenge by their extremely variable acceptance behavior and frequently changing customer requirements.

In addition, the supply chain of many manufacturers is characterized by production sites all over the world. A production lot runs through many company-internal as well as -external production sites on the way from the raw material to the final product. Even within one location, the flow of materials leads in part to alternative resources, which may be defined only in short term.

The number of different products manufactured in a global supply chain is also a challenge for manufacturers. In addition, constant changes in the product range increase the complexity of the planning activities with a permanently high utilization rate. The solution for this is provided by the proven planning and scheduling software Preactor by Siemens Digital Industries Software.