Advanced Planning und Scheduling (APS)

The core tasks of Preactor are the fine-tuning and the capacity planning of all production resources. Preactor creates a production schedule in minutes that takes into account all rules and restrictions and defines a start and end date for each operation within the planning horizon.

As a key component in the field of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Preactor offers a variety of different scheduling and optimization regulations, which are taken into account in the automatic planning of all orders as well as in the manual planning of individual processes. Complex optimization regulations for throughput times (DLZ), Set-up times, material availability, minimum and maximum waiting times etc. can also be represented in Preactor as well as different qualifications of employees or allocation rules for materials with certain technical properties to machines.

Preactor is already in use at more than 4,500 companies in 75 countries around the world, making a significant contribution to the fact that these companies are able to fully utilize their resources in all parts of the world and to meet confirmed delivery dates.