zSECS EqDriver

The znt SECS Equipment Driver (zSecsEqDriver) is an OEM component for equipment manufacturers that allows the integration of equipment into the MES environment via the SECS/GEM interface.

From znt-Richter you receive a complete package of products and services to implement your interfaces flexibly and cost-effectively.

In addition to the powerful driver platform, we offer training, workshops and consulting. This enables you to implement new interfaces with very little effort.

Due to the slim SECS API interface, the integration effort with the system software is reduced to a minimum. The entire SECS / GEM logic is largely represented in the driver. The SEMI standards E4, E5, E30, E37, E39, E40, E87 and E94 can be used with very little effort and the system becomes a fully automated SECS equipment. The control is linked either via a COM-DLL, a Java- API or via a PLC adapter.