ziXtap - ZNT's Intelligent X-Tap

Flexible data collection for your existing equipment integration environment

With znt intelligent X-Tap (ziXtap), you can supply your engineering systems in parallel with data in existing MES integration landscapes and integrate additional sensors into existing data streams. The 200 mm Fabs experience a renaissance due to the high demand for sensors through the Internet of Things (IoT). However, the Fabs have to be brought up to the latest state of the art. Process engineering and Yield Management Systems as well as BigData applications require full access to the process and product data. The conversion of the existing is not a trivial task. ziXtap is used to connect an existing SECS connection between equipment and MES.

ziXtap is used to connect an existing SECS connection between equipment and MES.

Intelligent Data Collection Management makes SECS a point-to-point connection, a multi-port capable data collection distributor (Y-tap function). The connection to the analysis systems can be implemented via SECS, SEMI Interface-A or other interfaces.

In addition to the integration of new analytical systems, new sensors must also be integrated for process optimization. For this purpose, ziXtap integrates interface information from the sensors into the existing SECS data stream, which is distributed transparently to MES and the evaluation systems. Thus, the Y-tap is turned into an X-tap, our znt intelligent X-Tap or ziXtap.

With ziXtap an existing SECS connection is put between equipment and MES.

Product configuration options

ziXtap can be used as:

  • Hardware Box or as
  • Virtual Box  - Many instances can run on a (virtual) server

Integration Architecture

ziXtap supports SEMI standard integration interfaces as well as fieldbuses and customer-specific interfaces:

  • SEMI E4 (SECS-I)
  • Interface A
  • E54 Sensor / Actor Interface
  • SQL, TIBCO, customer-specific interfaces
  • ProfiBus / ProfiNet, Modbus